Dana and James HarbalI like sharing information with readers of my blog that helps them grow their business. I also like helping people who are looking to start their own business get started. I recently was on a webinar with Dana “The Copywriting Professor” and was so impressed with his unique spin on selling on Amazon that I wanted to write a blog post about him and his products and services. I think you will find value in his email message below.
Dana’s message for you:
The reason I’m emailing you isn’t to promote the next greatest software tool, mastermind program, or any of that crap. Please take just twenty seconds to read through this email; I promise it’s going to change your Amazon business and your life forever.
I had my assistant hand select you (and I’m personally reaching out to you) because your Amazon business is doing well, and I am absolutely certain that the information I’m about to share with you (for free) is going to make it even better.
Not a little better, like 2-3 times the sales…half the refunds…and so much more. As hard as that is to believe, it’s real.
Long story short, I’m a millionaire from Amazon and I work very closely with some of the biggest sellers on the planet; some doing more than $5,000,000 per month. It took me a long time and a LOT of work to get there, but recently I’ve discovered something that has enabled me to literally fast-forward this…
In fact, I just launched a new Amazon business not too long ago (to provide jobs for a few of my family members) with just 2 products and under $3,000. At day 59, it’s already on pace to do $306,481 PER YEAR. That number is going up steadily, every single day.
What’s this “secret” I’ve discovered?
It’s pretty simple: optimizing my listings the right way.
That doesn’t mean some magic behind the scenes SEO. It’s not some crazy unknown software. It’s not even anything you have to spend money to do.
It’s 5 years worth of testing and failures that has enabled me to do this. I have literally pioneered how to write listings that RANK and SELL, and I’ve perfected it.
Matter of fact, there’s no doubt you’ve seen the style of optimized listings on Amazon that I invented about five years ago (whether authentic or ripped off). My clients and I have cashed-in on this for a long time, but now it’s your turn.
Whether you’re doing $5mil per month or $500…a 10 year veteran or brand new to selling…this WILL help you, ~Contact.FirstName~.
You can’t find this anywhere else and, thankfully, you’re getting a personal invite from me to see this for yourself.
I’ve prepared an insanely valuable FREE ($699 value) guide that exposes how I just launched another Amazon business that’s already at over $300k/year with just 2 products…in under 2 months! Go ahead and grab your copy of my private guide by clicking below (just pay $9 shipping and handling, I’ll send it right to your doorstep):
 In case you aren’t familiar with me, my name is Dana (aka the Copywriting Professor) and I’m the premier Amazon listing optimization specialist on the planet. I’ve been fortunate enough to work side-by-side with some of Amazon’s largest and wealthiest sellers. I’ve seen what works, what doesn’t, and spent literally five years of my life building up to what I’ve recently discovered…
My clients have cashed-in on this, I’ve cashed-in on this, now it’s your turn to cash-in on this.
I’m sharing these secrets because I truly feel that everybody deserves to be successful and enjoy this. Not just that, but you’re already a successful seller and I know you’ll pay attention to this.
More than that, the connections I’ll create by sharing this is going to pay off for me in a huge way. I partnered with a couple guys who are also partners with Mark Cuban (and we’re absolutely KILLING it) because they read one of my guides online and reached out to me. There’s more than enough products and money to be made on Amazon for us all to grab a piece of this, and I’d love for you to tap into what I’ve discovered.
Tomorrow I’m going to share another trick that took me from doing ‘well’ to ‘millionaire’. But you have to grab the guide first.
Do it now before you forget, I can’t tell you how worth it this is…
Look for an email from me tomorrow with the trick…it’ll be worth waiting! (Read the guide now)
To Doing Amazon The RIGHT Way!
“The Copywriting Professor”
P.S. You may use all sorts of great software, have hired somebody to optimize your listings, or even been a part of a mastermind group…what I can’t tell you enough is that this is unlike ANYTHING else out there. I don’t get rich by sharing this stuff, I make enough money in my own Amazon businesses. Instead, I make awesome connections with smart sellers that help make my own business stronger and generate new partnerships. I’d love for you to check this out ~Contact.FirstName~ and reach out to me so we can have each other in our network. Grab it for free now: –> Zero To $306k/ Year Amazon Business in 59 Days?