Search Engine Optimization Checklist

SEO Checklist

Welcome back to the second part of our series on blogging for businesses. 

We love statistics and data at We ALWAYS look at and follow good data. 

Advantage number two in our four part series relates to the SEO value of blogging and ranking your business on Google and other search engines. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is so very important for today’s businesses. If you are not seen at the TOP of Page 1 Google for your main keywords, and your business relies on traffic and business from the Internet, then it is just a matter of time before you may have to lock the doors and shudder the blinds to your business. Online has become extremely important for most businesses. 

Here are some revealing statistics that show the importance of blogging for SEO value

Companies that blog receive 434% more indexed pages.
• Businesses that blog receive 97% more links to their website.
• Regular blog posting is a freshness ranking factor in Google’s algorithm (Source: OMG-Ascension)

The above numbers help cement our case for business blogging.

Oftentimes, businesses don’t have the time, staff or desire to set blog content strategy, tactics and distribution. If you need some help with your business blogging, our team of expert writers and SEO are ready to help you with the strategy and tactics needed for your blogging success. Take a look at our web page about the affordable, premium services we have available.