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The birth of Page1Ranks.com

SEO Sioux FallsThe Page1Ranks.com Story- The obsession with Google & Amazon-Starting, Building & Selling Businesses

The year was 2008, and our founder Todd Ramse was attending a technology conference at the suggestion of his wife. Todd was looking for new business ideas and the next business he would start and grow.

As chance and maybe destiny had it—Todd would be exposed to a Microsoft Executive that sat in meetings with Bill Gates. A smart fellow, needless to say. At some point in his presentation he started talking about Google.

Todd’s ears perked up and he listened very closely as this man was talking about how Google was growing leaps and bounds and had revenue greater that Microsoft at the same stage of their corporate life. It was at this moment, that the lightbulb went off in his mind, Todd knew he needed to learn everything he possibly could about Google.

Boy, he didn’t realize what he was getting himself into. Little did he understand the complexity, overwhelm, frustration, countless hours of education, large investment in time, energy and money that would be needed to begin his technology company helping businesses become successful online, specifically getting page one Google real estate.

At home, day-after-day, night-after-night, sometimes 18 hours a day Todd would spend time learning.

Direct from Google.

Direct from many Guru’s.

Direct from many so-called Guru’s.

Building website-after-website. Trying to see what it would take to get traffic from paid advertising and organic search—non-stop building, testing, exploring and implementing.

Everything from Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook ads, social media, email marketing—the list of things Todd educated himself on would soon come to the moment in time that he was now ready to hang his shingle out “Open for Business!”

But, he needed a name for his business. After tossing around many name ideas, he strategically came up with the Page1Ranks.com brand.

The name says it all–what we do–in our business name. Pretty cool! The name met his philosophy of—the more times a business is seen on page one Google, Bing or other sites, the better chance they have of getting a call to their business or click to their website. In either case, page one real estate means more revenue for a business.

He now carries this philosophy over to Page1Ranks.com Amazon clients, too. The more time a product is seen on page one of Amazon, the better chance the product has of getting a click and sale.

So, the birth of Page1Ranks.com took place. His passion for starting and building businesses continues.

He now needed paying customers. Although he was not exactly sure what business looked like yet, he did understand that if he was overwhelmed with the amount of money, education, frustration that he had experienced learning all-things Google search related, he understood there must be an overwhelming number of small business owners feeling the same way.

Having owned and operated businesses for a number of years he understood these business owners were busy running their businesses and did not have the time to figure all of this stuff out for themselves and they likely did not have the budget to hire full-time staff to take care of their marketing. He had already started, built and sold multiple businesses and now he wanted to help other good business people do the same.

Little did he know that good fortune and God’s blessings were about to come his way. While sitting at a local restaurant he struck up a conversation with a friendly gentleman that sat down next to him. The guy says, “Hey buddy, how you doing?”  ‘Fine’, I said. He then goes on to ask me what I did for work. ‘I told him I had an online marketing business that helped companies with their online marketing.’ The next words out of his mouth floored me. He said, “I want to talk to you. I am the Chief Marketing Officer of a health insurance company and want you to meet and talk to my team about your services.”

I am sure my jaw dropped to the floor with unbelief. I had my first appointment. Not just my first appointment, but an appointment with a great person and company. These guys had their own in-house marketing team and to top things off, they worked with a major advertising agency and I would be competing against them for their online marketing business. Well, one-thing-led-to-another, I had the meeting, won the business and that began a beautiful business relationship that led to great friendships and many other great things.

Since that first client, I have had the privilege of helping many other businesses compete and win online. Some small. Some larger. But all needed help.

Over the past 10 years, the brand and aspirations have evolved, and in addition to offering great results in online marketing, we made it our goal to form strategic alliances with best-in-class companies to help us be at the top of our marketing game.

So where does the story go from here?

So here is the vision:

  • One day, 30% of all retail transactions in the US will be online.
  • People will buy from the company with the best service and the best selection.
  • We need to position our clients on page one of Google, Amazon, or whatever search engines come along so they are the ones recognized as the market leader in their category so they get the click, call and order. This will lead to more revenue for their business, more income for their employees and themselves.


In April of 2018 Page1Ranks.com announced its plans to join the Duct Tape Marketing network of certified consultants. With both companies sharing such a strong passion for caring for its customers, we are very excited to combine the outstanding results we provide for our customers and begin leveraging their brand, strategy, tactics, resources and network to take Page1Ranks.com to the next level of growth.

In March 2019 a new brand was created Ecomm.Partners. As our ecommerce knowledge increased, we have had tremendous success helping brand and product owners launch and sell on Amazon.com and other ecommerce platforms. Traffic and conversion take place on Amazon and those are two of the three things needed to have commerce success. The third, is a good product. You provide the product. We provide the traffic and conversion. This is a revenue share type business, so cost of entry is low for our partners. Endorsed and testimonial from Jim Cockrum, the leader of the 50,000+ strong My Silent Team community that helps people get educated to sell on Amazon, we believe this business is well positioned to take us into the next 20 years of business

Our goal is to position Page1Ranks.com as the online resource for small business owners to obtain trusted information to help them grow their businesses through strategy first marketing practices. Providing best-in-class services and helping our clients grow their business and gaining back the freedom and joy they looked for when starting their own business. And we’re doing just that.

Here is to you building the business of your dreams and reaping the many rewards a business provides.

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