I received the following email this morning from Alignable. If you haven’t heard of Alignable here is what their website says about them:

Millions of small business owners leverage Alignable to created trusted business relationships to generate referrals. We now have members present in over 25,000 local communities in all over the US and Canada.
Members connect within others in their local business community, and increase word-of-mouth for their business. They get trusted, high quality answers from their industry peers, and experts.

So here is the question they asked and it is a perfect segue from my last blog post about strategy first marketing.

From Alignable:

Hi Todd,
Since you’re a marketing expert, business owners want to get your thoughts on marketing trends for the New Year.

Share your experience

Well, first off, thanks Alignable for the recognition and asking for my opinion on 2019 marketing trends. Below is my response and if you are interested in getting a strategy first session with me, please complete the discovery form to get started. 

My reply to the Alignable community follows:

The biggest trend we are seeing are businesses investing in strategy before tactics. Why are they doing this? Businesses are paddling upstream and going against the current, rather than with it. Many businesses we talk to tell us that price is often an issue with their clients, they seem to be attracting the wrong type of clients, their business is a commodity, and they are struggling to standout from their competition. The answers to these big problems aren’t found in SEO, social media or web content. These are strategy problems and an only be addressed with strategy solutions. Once a business develops a marketing strategy that is perfect for their business they will suddenly discover they can attract clients that are ideal for them, stand out in ways that make competition irrelevant, have clients willing to pay a premium to work with their business and identify the most profitable ways to attract new business. We love helping  businesses set strategy so they have a clear direction for standing out and attracting the ideal client and then provide a customized roadmap of the most effective tactics, like a total online presence, content marketing, SEO and paid traffic to support the marketing strategy. This recipe and its ingredients are what helps make good businesses, great businesses.