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Blogs in the SEO Agency 6-Pack or 12-Pack

Gain a Massive Advantage: Add Posts to your Business Website

Why blog packs? Google’s ranking algorithm for visibility on the Web includes a “freshness factor.” Content that is optimized for SEO and personalized to a company is a major marketing strategy both for ranking and for building a site’s authority by providing up-to-date information that answers the questions and concerns of potential customers.

According to recent statistics, websites with blogs get 67% more organic traffic. Here are some other mind-blowing statistics from SEO Tribunal for 2019 and beyond that you can take a look at and share with your team about adding blog content to your marketing strategy:

Advantage 1: Blogs increase traffic and sales from business websites:

• Companies that blog have 55% more visitors to their websites.
• Small businesses with blogs have 126% more lead growth than those that don’t.
• 61% of U.S. online customers have purchased after reading a blog recommendation.
• Companies with a blog marketing strategy are 13x more likely to see a positive ROI.

Advantage 2: Blogs increase SEO ranking results

• Companies that blog receive 434% more indexed pages.
• Businesses that blog receive 97% more links to their website.
• Regular blog posting is a freshness ranking factor in Google’s algorithm (Source: OMG-Ascension)

Advantage 3: Consumers trust blog articles for buying decisions

• 81% of U.S. Internet users trust the information and advice they find on blogs.
• U.S. bloggers are projected to have a readership of 31.7 million by 2020.
• 77% of people online read blogs.
• 70% of consumers stop to learn about a company through an article rather than ads.

Advantage 4: Custom content that is personalized for the client’s company

• 60% of consumers view a company more positively after reading custom content on its site.
• 78% of Chief Marketing Officers think that custom content is the future of marketing.


Order a Blog 6-pack or 12-pack in your Business Niche

FAQ: What makes our blog writing service and articles different?

High quality research and writing by me and my trained team of U.S. based SEO copywriters, and I do the final editing, SEO and quality control
Custom content that is personalized in a final paragraph with your logo or profile picture, and with inner links and your keywords


Each article includes a personalized company paragraph with links

OMG-style keyword research and on-page SEO built into each article for ranking results. On request, we build in your keywords, 2 to 3 images, fully optimized (and geo-tagged on request), and copyright permitted. (Using images in blog posts gets 94% more views)


Each image comes with image optimizations to copy/paste into Media Library

Ready for syndication and linking

Done-For-You service that you can immediately post to your blog.

Word count 750 to 1,000 words per article (with higher word counts available on request at additional cost).

Videos available on request at an additional cost – generic public domain/Creative Commons that we find, and also personalized original videos that we create.

On request, we can create a Hub Page for categorizing all your client’s blog articles and linking them. A hub page is where customers can to go find all the information they need to make buying decisions, and they are another ranking signal for Google’s search engines to consider your client’s site an authority site. Call for pricing about creating a customized hub page.

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FAQ: How to Order a 6-Pack or 12-Pack?

  • Via Facebook, send a PM (Personal Message) to Todd Ramse, or email: [email protected].
  • Payments are processed by PayPal. Contact me for payment details by email, text or phone (1-605) 521-8723 (U.S. Central time zone).
  • To personalize the articles for your business website, let me know the main keywords you want to rank for, your URL, and whether or not to geotag the images for local search.

Blog Packs Pricing

There are plenty of copywriters whose prices are lower, but we are not in competition with them. Our premium blog writing service is done by OMG-trained SEO experts and experienced digital marketers; and therefore, the quality you get for your business is what you want to receive because they are written to drive sales and rank on Google.

Your Price for Premium Blog Services

  • Single blog articles (750-1,000 words) are priced at $235.00 each
  • The 6-packs at a 5% discount are $1339.50
  • The 12-packs at a 10% discount are $2,679.00


FAQ: What kind of SEO is built into our blog articles?

  • We do keyword research to find high-traffic keywords and phrases that are highly relevant to the topic of each blog, and then build them into the headers along with variations in the text paragraphs.
  • If you send us the keywords you want your site to rank for, we will incorporate those keywords into the headers, and also into the content for anchor text inner linking.
  • When posting the blogs on your site, these articles are ready to create links between the blog posts, as well as syndicate the blog for publication.
  • The images will be geo-tagged for your local SEO address if it applies to your business and you request it.
  • We personalize each blog article to advertise your business, the Brand and product or services, and each will be linked to the your home page in the final paragraph, as well as possibly to another inner page if highly relevant. This final personalized paragraph can bring in more traffic when viewed outside of visitors to the business website.
  • Video marketing increases customer engagement and ranking:
    • On request at a low cost, and if available on the Internet, we will find and add a generic niche-related video that is either in the public domain or has a Creative Commons license.
    • Alternatively, on request at a higher cost, we can produce original 30 to 90 second videos personalized for your client to include on one or more blog articles.
    • Contact Todd for details and prices on generic or custom videos

Here are samples of a few blog writing service articles written in different niches. 

SEO health article





Health article in the hypnotherapy niche

Personal Injury Attorney SEO Blog Article





Blog article for an injury attorney’s website

Luxury Yachting Blog Post Service



Four titles in the Luxury Yachting blog pack

Which of your clients are ready for a massive advantage in traffic and ranking with premium blog articles?

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  • In Facebook, send a personal message to Todd Ramse
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Payments can be sent by PayPal. Contact me for payment details by email, text or phone (1-605) 521-8723 (U.S. Central time zone).
  • Please let us know the URL, important keywords to add, owner’s name if you want that mentioned, and whether or not to geo-tag the images for local SEO.