FacebookAdvertisingPackageHave you tried advertising on Facebook for your business?

Has it been successful?

If your experience with Facebook Ads has not quite lived up to your expectations, we are here to help shed some light on what it takes for a successful Facebook Ads campaign.

First, and foremost, you must start with Strategy First. This is where most Facebook advertisers get it wrong. They start with tactics first. This will lead to failure 9 times out of 10. Failure in ad spend waste, lost conversions and not meeting the goals you set for your campaign when you began your Facebook Ads campaign.

So, how do you help ensure a successful Facebook Ads campaign using a Strategy First approach?

You start with these leading questions. Get your answer right, then start defining your ideal audience.

Here are a few Strategy First type questions to get you started:

  1. Clearly define your Facebook Ads goals
  2. Dig deep into custom audiences to meet goal definition(s)
  3. Determining the right budget for your business
  4. Landing page development-already in place? If not, determine best practices for converting design
  5. Content development-already in place or need creative acquisition
  6. Expectations-it is always a great idea to have the proper expectations set with any type of advertising
  7. Reporting and communication-gather the data from your reports and analyze the data closely. Make wise decisions based on what the data tells you.

There you have it. 7 things to consider when setting strategy for your Facebook Ads campaigns. If we can help you set up and manage your Facebook Ads campaigns, let us know. We are Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultants and have a team of Facebook Ads experts ready to help you win with Facebook Ads.

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