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Your company website is a very important part of your business. That goes without saying. Your website is where people learn about your business, join your email list, get more information, request quotes, get questions answered, make purchases and so much more.

One of the main goals of your website is to generate revenue for your business.

With an active website, you can easily increase traffic as well as revenue for your business. Furthermore, you will also be able to improve communication between your brand and the customers. However, this is only achievable with a reliable website, which is why it is important that you hire the best web design company for such a project.


Choosing The Right Company

Picking the right web design company is not an easy task. That is because there are thousands of companies that specialize in this field. Many do a good job. Many do not.

Several years ago, I was tasked by a Los Angeles manufacturing company to find what I thought was the best USA based web design company.

The budget was unlimited. I could literally select any web design firm that I thought would be the best company to handle the creation of a new website and enable it for future ecommerce capabilities.

I searched the country high-and-low. Ultimately, I narrowed it down to three different companies. One was located in Beverly Hills, CA, one in Miami, FL and one in the Midwest.

I ended up recommending the Midwest design firm for a variety of reasons. In-house talent, in-house hosting, multiple designers, tech support, references, ecommerce and reputation.

This decision proved to be one of the best decisions we could have ever made for this business, for a variety of reasons.

Because of the criteria I set in place and ongoing digital marketing services by my company, this business now enjoys thousands, upon thousands of page one rankings for their main keywords and the revenue that comes from these rankings.

The web design firm has also gained coveted recognition by Entrepreneur Magazine as a Top 10 most reliable web firms in the US.

I am proud to have an exclusive relationship with this company and will bring this resource to your business should we have the good fortune of working together. If you would like to start the discussion of working together, please complete the discovery page by clicking here. The information you complete helps me gather the intelligence to present the right solution for your business needs.

You may be interested in understanding what was important to me when I chose the web design firm. You can use these tips for your own evaluation. Here you go—these are in no particular order.

Your Details

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Great references and testimonials

The only way you can be able to determine whether a web design company has the expertise and the skills required for your project is by checking their portfolio. A successful web design company should have an impressive portfolio. Most companies that specialize in web design and development have a website of their own. You can visit these websites to check out the testimonials and reviews left by previous clients. By acquiring such information, you will be able to determine whether the company is fit for the job or not. Furthermore, you will also find out the kind of services that were provided to these clients. However, if the company lacks an online portfolio, then you can request for manual samples which will give you an idea of what the web design company can do.

Client Satisfaction

As a client, make sure that you pick a web design company that provides customers support. That means you should be able to get a timely response to your queries and also reliable solutions to your web development project.


Besides concentrating more on the company’s qualification, also make sure that the web design company you choose can guarantee you successful results. You can achieve this goal by making sure that the company you choose creates a website that is user-friendly, search engine optimization friendly, easy to navigate and fast at loading. Furthermore, you can request for samples of the previous project and find out from the clients involved whether they were satisfied with the end results of their project.


A company that specializes in web design should also have the skills and qualifications required to do this kind of work. Furthermore, make sure the company you are dealing with is up to date on the latest strategies and tools used for web design. Find out from the company which skills they possess and for how they have been offering these services. That is because you also need an experienced web design agency to succeed in your project.

Project Analysis

Before starting the project, an experienced web design company should, first of all, understand the requirements of your project and analyze this information to create a website that is relevant to the theme of your business. Furthermore, besides being able to understand the requirements of your project, this will also help the web design company build a website that will meet the industry standards.


Once the site is “live” it is important that the customer is properly educated on how to access and edit the website content. Also, having a company that answers emails and phone calls is very important in the technical world we live in. I really appreciate having the ability to pick up the phone and speak with someone located in the US and they are English speaking. Nothing against off-shores tech support, but it can be difficult to understand any language barriers with your web design firm.


Finding a web design firm that locks down their systems and websites is very important as we all face cyber security threats each day. I have worked with other web firms on projects and have has sites hacked and malware placed on the sites. That kind of stuff loses customers and Google site warnings. Not a good place to be.

Enjoy who you work with

it is great having great relationships with your vendors. Be sure the company you choose is pleasing to work with and has your best interest in mind.

Work Ethic

Having chosen a Midwest web design firm, I already knew what their work ethic would be like. I have not been proven wrong.

Large Enough to Handle our Needs, Small Enough to Care

Do they have the talent in-house to handle your project. Do they really care about your project? I know with my web design firm, that they do care, are hard-working, put out an exceptional product, and I have the ear of the owner should we ever need to discuss anything in particular about a project.

Search Engine Ready and Google Loved

As I indicated above, our clients enjoy thousands-upon-thousands of page one rankings. It is a team effort. Partly done beforehand with strategic placements, and then building links and content in the right places after the fact.

Small Hinges Swing Big Doors & More Targeted Traffic=More Revenue

There you have it. A proven recipe for choosing a web design firm and online success.

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