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You’ve spent years developing your business offline and now online. You have a beautiful family, home, the works. It could all be gone in an instant if you haven’t taken a couple of simple steps.

Did you know the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently issued guidelines for Internet marketing?

Have you protected yourself, your family, home and business against lawsuits and actions from government agencies that can shut you down, freeze and then seize your assets?

If you haven’t put that layer of protection in place, you need to.

Reality is, if someone is successful like you, you will be sued. Someone will see you as an easy source of money, they can get.

The lawsuit may not happen today, it may be tomorrow, or even a few years from now.

But it will happen.

It could be a competitor, a customer who just isn’t happy (and we all have them), or even the government.

Did you know there are law firms that specialize in suing website owners like you? There are even companies set up to hunt for website owners to sue.

Lawsuits cost lots of money whether you win or lose. You have to spend time helping prepare your case, money to hire an attorney, and more time away from your business. That’s time away from your family, your business and doing what you enjoy.

Government agencies can be as bad. You’ll spend time proving your innocence.

Your business and personal assets can be frozen till the issue is resolved.

Try telling your 8 year old there’s no Christmas presents this year because you’re being investigated.

But there is a no brainer way of protecting your online business, and it’s so simple you’ll wonder why it wasn’t done before.

Attorney Mike Young, President of the Internet Attorneys Association LLC, has represented some of the most successful online marketers. But his services aren’t cheap.

A lot of business owners can’t afford to hire him.

Mike developed an affordable software package for those of us who market our business online. This package creates those legal forms which protects your business online from most trouble spots in less than 17 minutes.

With this software, I was able to create all the legal forms I needed in less than 12 minutes.

No need to steal forms from other marketers and risk getting sued by them.

Plus, having proper legal forms on your site can improve SEO.

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