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…an open letter to Business Owners with an email list of preferably a couple thousand and annual revenues of at least $200k

“Would you like to transform your business by increasing sales and building the net worth of your business at the same time?”

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If you answered “Yes” to the above question, please read on to discover how to quickly and easily generate tens, hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollar(s) to your bottom line and net worth by simply following my methods, which have helped businesses attain record profits and even attain Inc. 500 status.inc500s

Let’s cut to the chase. Here is exactly how I can help your business immediately generate revenue in 3 easy steps. **preferably you have an email list of a couple thousand, ideally a 30% profit margin, good reputation and generating at least $200k in annual revenue.

Three Easy Steps to quickly increasing sales for your business

  1. We run our Profit Analyzer tool at no charge. This is a 15 minute process and quickly determines whether we have a business fit, or not.
  2. If we decide to work together, we then license one of our Intellectual Property (IP) marketing campaigns to you. These marketing campaigns are written by “world class” direct response copywriters and have been proven to generate immediate revenue for the businesses that deploy them.
  3. Your team emails our marketing campaign (copy approved by you)  to your list and your sales order page and you collect the profit. You get paid. I get paid. Only a reasonable percentage of the revenue the campaign brings into your business. That’s it…three easy steps. It takes little time and little effort on your part. Then, we rerun the campaign, or I bring you different campaign ideas and/or find strategic alliances to promote “Recommendations of the Month” products/services to your list. Your list will really appreciate this type of offer, as we will find great products and services for your customers and provide them with great deals on them at the same time. Essentially, I find you new product/service streams without your having to create the product/service yourself. We all know how hard that is to do, not to mention the money, resources, time and effort that go into product creation.

…now onto the rest of the story and more food for thought:

iStock_000018256547_SmallProfit is now a game of out thinking your competitor and less about out producing
The old business model designs a product and sells it to create a major
product stream.  Invent, create, market and selling new products and services. The cycle never ends.
There is a improved business model and it is being used by the most successful companies in your marketplace. It is built on leveraging intellectual property (IP), your own and others Intellectual Property to help build new streams of revenue and ultimately create great corporate valuation which will lead to a greater selling price for your business, when it comes time to sell or transition out of your business. Smart companies leverage the combined power of IP and licensing to do amazing things for their business’.

We help business owners and marketers, like you, to leverage existing IP and leverage the power of strategic alliances and licensable, proven marketing campaigns to increase your profits with little cost and little risk.

read_theseTestimony from clients. Read more on our testimonial page.

“We have experienced a great return on our investment in him.”

“I am certainly thankful I found him, before my competition.”

On gaining Inc. 500 achievement-“Thanks Todd, could not have done it without you!”

“Thank you, Todd Ramse and your innovative marketing campaigns!”

“now we have the Force of the Jedi Knights (Todd) on our side!”

Most businesses constantly chase new business, which is costly and inefficient, I will show you a different way. A way that you will either understand and implement, or a way that closed-minded business people just don’t quite get. Together, we will find hidden profit centers that are readily available to tap in most businesses. We do this by using a tool we called the Profit Diagnostic Tool. If your business qualifies for a “complimentary” diagnostic tool session, we will then be able to fully show you the path to cash, that does not require you developing, creating, manufacturing, marketing, selling and supporting new products and services. Once we find these profit centers, we will exploit business assets you already have and likely aren’t fully capitalizing on.

Our unique method and tools, is by far the quickest, and safest way to increase your profits. And because we will be leveraging your assets, along with our marketing and Intellectual Property assets, your costs and risk are almost non-existent. Using our innovative approach, we will show you ways to increase your profits in two ways:

First — We help you identify the 3 to 4 most productive assets you’ve worked hard to build (products, services, marketing, customer loyalty, reputation, and more) but aren’t taking full advantage of. This is done by using our proprietary Profit Optimization diagnostic tool which will identify your most valuable assets — and then we will help you fully capitalize on them.

Second — Our fee structure and guarantee are unique too. Except for a small retainer, you pay only for the results we produce for you. And even that retainer is refundable if we fail to deliver what we’ve promised. So we only make money after we’ve made you money.

Developing long-term relationships, that are mutually beneficial, is of utmost importance to us. You have worked hard to build your business, and its assets, we will show you ways to leverage those assets for increased profitability, with little, to no risk, for you.

If you qualify, we’d be happy to run our diagnostic tool on your business at no charge and let you know if we can help you double your profits with no cost and no risk. To get a complimentary Profit Optimization Review just click here and complete the form.

To your continued business success,

Todd RamseTodd Ramse


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