CONVERSION – the most important word in business. The concept is simple: Without conversion, you get no clicks, no calls, no sales. With conversion, you enjoy more clicks, more calls, more sales and more revenue.
RETENTION – arguably the second-most-important word in business. Without client retention you have no customers. And without customers, you have no business. Smart business owners understand that retaining customers is as important as getting new customers into their businesses.
These simple words SEEM so easy to understand, but the key to increasing conversions and retaining customers remains elusive for many business owners–so much so that the vast majority of entrepreneurs we survey say that increasing conversion ranks as one of their top five business priorities.
But the reality is that the key to increasing conversion lies hiding in plain sight. One of the most powerful–and cost-effective–ways to increase conversions and sales is to gather and leverage “social proof,” compelling evidence that your products or services provide value and you serve your customers or clients at the highest level. But sadly, only a very small percentage of the businesses we survey gather social proof; far fewer use it effectively. That’s the good news for you, though, because that’s where YOUR opportunity lies: With so many businesses falling short, you enjoy the opportunity to set your business apart in the marketplace and increase dramatically your leads, conversions, and sales. In this white paper, we show you how you can do that, quickly and easily. Visit and download your free conversion and retention blueprint now.