Ever wonder if social media works for businesses? Here is proof that it does.

My very first customer that I started working with several years back now, recently received a positive Facebook post from a satisfied customer. This one social mention immediately led to over $13,000 dollars of new revenue in a little over one week. Yes, 13k in new revenue from one Facebook post that led to more posts and positive interaction.

It was quite amazing watching the orders come in for this client. Their PayPal account was blowing up and we could not immediately figure out why. The long-term exposure this business has gotten from this one post will be worth many, many thousands of dollars worth of revenue for this client. Revenue they would not have realized without the e-commerce and online strategies we provided and still provide for them.

Social Media is not for every business, but is one more marketing avenue to get your message out.

This particular client started with a great product, we helped set online strategy, implementation and maintenance and today they enjoy product exposure in many major retailers and have great organic positioning online.

I am happy to report that they are now even getting offers from venture capital firms to assist in growing the company even further.

This companies outstanding product, traditional marketing methods, combined with our online strategies has led to tremendous growth and opportunities. We are proud to be a part of their success!

It is fun watching the new orders flow in daily from their online store. Online marketing, combined with outstanding products and services, is a formula that can have tremendous impact on a businesses bottom line.

Does social media work for businesses? In this case it sure has!