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New to our website? New visitors love to dive right into our FAQ – it is a great place to start learning about how we can work together to get your business ranking and winning online, which will help you get more customers, more online reviews, more clicks, more calls, and ultimately more revenue, so you can live that dream you always knew your business could provide.


People are looking for your business online!

Is your business at the top of Google?

This is where business gets done!

Your future customers and clients type keywords into search engines looking for your type of service and/or products.

If you have properly optimized your website, your business gets seen by those online shoppers.

This gives your business a great chance of making a sale, getting a call, which both lead to potential revenue for your company.  Page1Ranks specializes in offering businesses  powerful marketing solutions and great ROI.

If you are looking for the best SEO company in Sioux Falls, South Dakota click the analyze website button above. There is no charge for us to take a look at your website and see what we can do to help your business win online.

We start every new client we work with a strategy engagement. Strategy before tactics. This is something most SEO Companies or Consultants do not do. 

We are not just a SEO Company, but SO much more.

How we work

We’ll help you design the best path to profit and help you execute the robust online presence today’s marketplace commands.

Step 1- We listen closely to your business goals and desired outcomes.

Step 2- We follow a simple, proven process for ranking websites and getting traffic, leads and sales for your business. We reverse-engineer what your competition is doing online and seek ways to overcome their rankings online. We learn about your business, becoming a trusted extension of your team.

Step 3- We then strategize, setup and execute a full-on online presence campaign(s) for your business. In phase three we also introduce you to our customer reactivation campaigns. Licensed from one of the top copywriters in the world, enhanced with P1R Intellectual Property, and something you can only get from us. This campaign is designed to inject cash flow into your business in the first 90 days of doing business together.

Let us help you grow your business.

Our team can help you create simple, effective, and affordable marketing and get you setup with the right solution to meet your business needs.

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If you would like to learn more about our capabilities and services, scroll down just a bit further and we have three awesome examples of proof from clients that will demonstrate the power of working with us, combined with Page 1 Google virtual real estate for your business.

Our approach is considerably different than most other companies competing for your marketing and advertising dollars. All of our engagements start with P1R Strategy.

Tactics first, like how most every SEO or digital marketing agency starts with, is a recipe for disaster.

We have a very thorough process to help you not only get seen on Google, but to help you find your ideal clients and customers and to let them become your source for future referrals and reviews.

We take a holistic approach to marketing, not just an online approach. 

We have also received the finest education in marketing from John Jantsch and his Duct Tape Marketing system. See John’s quote below:

“Duct Tape Marketing Consultants receive rigorous training as part of the network, but Certified Consultants have also demonstrated a mastery of the principles contained in the Duct Tape Marketing. I am proud to announce that Todd Ramse has achieved this level of success.”

John Jantsch, founder of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network.

If you currently are working with a website builder or agency and perhaps aren’t getting the results you like, it is not your fault. You need a premier SEO agency to help you generate leads and revenue from the internet.

The world of online marketing, which includes Search Engine Optimization – SEO and paid ads – PPC, like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads are complex, confusing and rapidly ever-changing.

If you are working with just a website builder for your online marketing needs, it is probable they are very good at building websites, but not digital marketing services. That is not their fault, they build websites, we get traffic to the website. That is our specialty. Getting targeted traffic to your website so people can call you, place orders or join your email list.

If you need help sorting out online marketing and understand the power it can have for your business, have a budget and would like to work with a company that has invested thousands of hours building its understanding, partnerships and capabilities in SEO, PPC, Email marketing, Copywriting, Branding, Conversion Optimization and has been certified by John Jantsch and Duct Tape Marketing, you have found your home base.

We are the #1 premier SEO agency in Sioux Falls and serve clients nationally.

Welcome home

SEO profitsThe best place for us to better understand more about your business goals we invite you to complete our online discovery form.

Much like a physician having you complete a questionnaire about your health when you visit the doctor, we also need to learn more about your business so we can diagnose and fix any issues your website and/or online marketing may be having.

By understanding your business goals and building a solid online foundation and fixing any issues that may be harming your online presence will allow us to ultimately help you win online and beat your competition for the clicks and calls your good business deserves.

Below will help solidify your decision to give us a call or complete our discovery page. We are very proud of these accomplishments and will work hard to do the same for your good business.

Take a look at our PROVEN client results below.

Thn complete our Discovery Feorm to see if we are a good fit to work together.


How Much More Business can You Handle?

read_theseImagine what your business would look like, if you had #1 rankings like Dakota Alignment has received from our work!

Or how about Ruff Tough Kennels. #1 and #2 rankings for “tough dog kennel”

We were the brains behind the online launch of the #1 durable dog kennel on the planet.
They now sell globally and are in stores like Cabela’s, Scheel’s and Amazon.



Before being acquired by Avera Health Plans, DAKOTACARE dominated its competition online for over 7 years. We beat out companies like Sanford Health, Bluecross and Avera Health Plans in the SERP’s.

Those are just a few of the dominating page 1 search engine optimized keywords we have ranked our clients for. We have many, many more, in fact pages full of page one rankings from our SEO over the past 10 years of being an agency and taking on client work.

We LOVE helping our clients WIN online and we have a very specific formula we use to do so. We keep this formula close to the vest, as we know most every other SEO company would love to know exactly how we get such great results for our clients.

When your business wins online you will get more phone calls, more clicks to your website, and more sales and revenue for your business.

Winning online separates the winners from the losers.

Win Online or Risk Going Out of Business

Bold statement. Isn’t it! 

However, it is the truth. Especially in today’s dog-eat-dog world that we live in.

For businesses that rely and count on leads and traffic from the Internet, winning online often-times determines who stays in business and who shutters the door.

Businesses ranging from Sears to local mom and pop stores either figure out how to get business online or they just plain close their doors. Sad, but true.

Winning online means your business outranks your competition on Google, Bing, Facebook, Amazon and other online properties. It means your business is the one getting the calls, clicks and revenue from online shoppers and browsers. Not your competition.

When you win online, you profit.

You are happy.

Your team is happy.

You serve your customers better.

Everyone wins.

We like that and that is the main goal of ours at Page1Ranks.com.

As one of the best SEO companies in Sioux Falls, we are quite different in other area search engine optimization companies.

In addition to networking with the best SEO’s on the planet, we are also trained experts in marketing and have trained with and been certified by the Duct Tape Marketing Consulting organization.

You will find no one else in South Dakota, let alone Sioux Falls, with these unique skills and qualifications. 

We love helping good businesses and people win online!

It’s what we do. It’s what we have been doing for many years. 

Let’s take a look into your future self and what things can look like for you and your business.

When you started your business you were full of excitement and saw all kinds of opportunity.

Maybe that is still the case.

I hope so.

However, somewhere along the line you became responsible for payroll, employees. inventory, systems, regulations, taxes, etc. The list goes on and on.

I understand, I have been there before and understand the burden business owners carry with them on a daily basis. It does not end at 5 on a Friday. Does it.

Running a business is tough.

Growing a business is tougher.

Marketing a business is ever-changing and impossible to keep up with.

Winning online–who do you trust and where do you even start?

I have the answer for you. Start with us. We have the testimonials and decades worth of proof that are work brings profits to good businesses.

Our main purpose is to help you win online. Out-compete your competition and get you the calls, clicks and profits your good business deserves.

You likely get calls every day from someone trying to sell you online marketing services.

Right? I do too and I am in the business.

We are different than most every other marketing agency out there.

We have a proprietary system that helps you grow and build the business you have always dreamed of.

In fact, when the time is right, and if you want to sell your business, we can even help with that, as we have done it ourselves. Multiple times.

This is what makes us different what differentiates us from every other Tom, Dick and Harry out schlepping their so-called marketing services.

We will help you build, scale and even guide you towards profitably selling your business, should that be your end goal.

We have done it ourselves, multiple times. We will do the same for you and your good business.

We start all of our marketing processes off with Strategy First.

Not tactics like everyone else. 

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”

-Sung Tzu

Read the above words very carefully. The wise business man will understand the value of strategy before tactics.

Inc. 500 ListWe have been marketing businesses for decades and have helped small businesses all the way up to helping business make the Inc. 500 list.

If you are looking to separate your business from your competition by installing a system designed to get you ranking higher on Google and more traffic, then I would like to invite you to click the “Get in Touch” button and we will start the conversation.

I look forward to helping you build, scale and maybe even one day profitably sell or pass along your business to the next generation.

Let us help bring you back to the joy and optimism you had when you started your business.

That’s what we do–partner with you for mutual benefit.

That is a win-win and what we strive for with each client we work with. 

When choosing a local Sioux Falls SEO Company, please contact us for a conversation to see how we can help not only with your SEO, but also strategy and marketing online and offline.

We Help You Grow Your Business




We find many business owners dream of someday building their business so they can profitably sell it, retire and live the good life they have always dreamed of having for them and their family.

Others, just want to build and scale their business to enjoy the fruits of their labor, work in the business as much as they want, get a nice check or one day hand it off to the next generation. Either way, we have the systems, processes and resources to help you build and scale the business of your dreams.


We are extremely different than most people calling, emailing or knocking on your door to sell you marketing services.

Many of these so-called experts promise top Google rankings with SEO marketing tactics that are shady and can get your business sandboxed by Google and potentially cost you your business.


We take a different approach.

A refreshing approach.


What makes us different? Experience. Proven Results. 


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We are the only TopSEO’s award winning Sioux Falls SEO company and are located just outside Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We work with local businesses, as well as, national companies. We rank businesses on page one of Google, Bing and other search engines. We drive targeted traffic from Google, Instagram, Facebook, Bing and Amazon to a business’ products and services. Page1Ranks.com provides local businesses with Sioux Falls SEO services and search engine optimization is a great way to generate free organic online traffic to your website.

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Page1ranks.com offers pay-per-click (PPC) advertising services for Amazon Sponsored Products, Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook and LinkedIn. We also offer ppc services and media buys on sites related to a businesses target market. Pay-per-click is a fast way to start generating targeted traffic to your website and getting prospects to call your busines to schedule appointments or buy products via your website. PPC data is great for helping discover new keywords that can be used for a SEO campaign, too. We are an award winning search engine marketing company with offices in Sioux Falls, SD. We serve clients from Los Angeles to New Jersey and everywhere in between.

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