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Indianapolis SEO Expert, Todd Ramse, is the founder of Page1Ranks.com, an award winning SEO company and works with Google to help its clients dominate the search engines.

Unlike many SEO people you have talked to, we have a huge competitive advantage for you and one that differentiates our business from every other SEO company out there. It is our P1R Plus Traffic and Conversion System. You will find this sytem nowhere else and the results our clients get from this system are nothing but amazing. In addition to our proprietary traffic and conversion system, we are certified Duct Tape Marketing consultants, which means you get the best of both worlds. Traditional marketing expertise and online marketing expertise. A company that is great at SEO, but also understands and implements best marketing practices into your business. This 1-2 punch is not found with any other company out there and gets you a massive advantage over your competition.

When you are looking to hire an Indianapolis SEO Expert it would also be wise to make sure they can also handle your website needs. Some pure SEO companies do not handle the website needs that we find so many businesses are in need of. After all, your website is the hub of your business. In order to best serve our clients, Page1Ranks.com has formed an exclusive relationship with a Top 10 Entrepreneur Magazine’s award winning web design company. We bring this powerful relationship to our retainer clients. This web design firm, combined with our traffic and conversion system and search engine optimization (SEO) skills combine to give companies a competitive advantaged rivaled by few.

You found us through a search and obviously understand that your company website is a must have, and are fully aware that it is a Sioux Falls SEOchallenge keeping up with Google and other search engines to get your website ranking on the first page of Google, which is where business gets done.

More than likely, you have tried doing SEO yourself, or perhaps have had a different company “try” to perform search engine optimization, with no luck. Don’t feel bad, many other companies have tried this also, and many now realize how important it is to have an “A” team SEO expert on their team. You get the right Indianapolis SEO Expert and it is like have several top salesman working on your behalf. In fact, SEO guys often outshine the star sales guys an become an important part of a business’ team. The value a good traffic and conversion consultant brings to an organization is of extreme value. Always wanting to be a team member and contribute at the highest level, it is not uncommon for my clients to include me in boardroom meetings to help them strategize for the future growth of their business. The value an Indianapolis SEO expert brings to a local business is something most every local business person understands these days. I greatly appreciate my clients and all they do for me, too!

Perhaps you do not fully understand the value of having your website at the top of Google? Most people don’t, so don’t feel bad, it is normal.

Remember the old days of the Yellow Pages? The phone book is where you went to get a phone number and address of a local business. It was the best way for businesses to get new customers. Google is the new Yellow Pages. It is where people go to find businesses like yours. If you are not seen on the first page of Google, for your main keywords, then your competitors are the ones getting the calls and revenue, not you.

I can change that for you and get you ahead of your competition, so you are the ones collecting more revenue from Indianapolis Internet Marketing than your competition. I can almost guarantee that I will become one of your most valuable human assets.

Marketing-CatalystTo reiterate, the websites at the top of Google are the ones that get the clicks and calls, which lead to more revenue for your business than your competition.

You understand that ranking (website traffic) websites are a huge challenge. Many business owners and business marketers now understand they need to engage a local Indianapolis SEO expert (hired gun) to help them rank their web properties on Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. Profits are at stake. Either your business wins or your competition does.

SEO even comes into play with Amazon products and Page1ranks.com is equipped to handle the needs of Amazon retailers, as well. In fact, we help manage the SEO and PPC traffic for one of the fastest and largest sellers on Amazon.com. We know Google. We know Amazon. That is a great combination and one to ask your local SEO provider if they are equipped to handle both Google SEO and Amazon SEO in Indianapolis, Indiana.

#1-Our customers enjoy rankings for very competitive keywords, in fact, one-word keywords that are ultra competitive and cross many different niches. They are #1 and the rewards of that coveted ranking has added record profits and saved this California client’s business.

We mastermind with some of the top internet marketers on the planet and invest thousands-upon-thousands of dollars annually to maintain these relationships and get the education needed to help businesses get multiple page one organic and paid rankings on Google.

Online marketing in Indianapolis is a competitive landscape. Be sure to engage an Indianapolis SEO Expert with a track record and dedicated to serving businesses for a long time to come. We see many people jump into SEO because they think it is easy and easy money. It is not. Usually these so-called SEO experts are around for a little while, can’t handle the constant algorithm changes Google throws at SEO consultants and run fro the hills. Indianapolis online marketing SEM, search engine marketing, or any o the other words we can give our trade is one of the main keys in growing your local business and helping you win online.

When we work with a local business we build the foundation for internet marketing properly. Hiring the right Indianapolis SEO Expert can make, or break, your business. The “so-called” expert that gets your site sandboxed by Google and the phones quit ringing and the clicks stop coming. Knowing what not to do, is often-times as important, as knowing what to do.

We start with looking at the design of your website, make changes if needed. Then we start looking at conversion elements of your website. A website that gets traffic, but does not convert, is worthless.

We implement Google Search Console and Google Analytics to look at the health of your site and gain invaluable data, which helps us make business and site decisions that become crucial for your business.

We then make sure we have the on and offsite tactics and strategy implemented, then make improvements as the analytics data shows us.

We make sure we setup your social fortress using Web 2.0 properties and authority sites. Social Media is a tactic utilized by many SEO’s to help rank websites and let Google know your website is of relevance and people are talking about you and it. It is  Google ranking signal. Let our Indianapolis Social media marketing team help you with the important tasks of posts, pins, Instagram, comments, recommendations and endorsements.

While some people think social media is just a passing fad, the search engines have come to recognize that social media is going to be around to stay. Since this is around to stay, the search engines have started to use social metrics as a way to determine the rankings of the websites. With no social activity at all, the websites tend to rank poorer, but when websites have social signals they are going to rank higher.

Building videos is going to be important and invaluable to the marketing efforts and ranking for people on the search engines. In fact, you may have found us from our #1 ranking Indianapolis SEO video on YouTube. While some people may think video marketing is complex, they need to realize it can be as simple as outputting a PowerPoint presentation to video. However, with the SEO services they will take the videos one step further and get them properly prepared for the search engines by formatting them properly, adding in additional features, and even getting the different videos ranked in the search engines for the specific keywords people want to have the video ranked for. We have the tools and are equipped to perform Indianapolis Video marketing for your business.

Building up a variety of links back to the website is going to be something else that people will want to do as well. While most people do not think about this, it is important for them to have a robust link profile to get the rankings they need to have. However, some people are going to continue to do the marketing the old fashioned way and keep the marketing limited to only a couple of websites. However, with the SEO companies they will generally get the link profile built up in a robust manner to guarantee the website stays ranked for multiple keywords. We believe link building is powerful and will be so for a long time to come. We have proprietary link building methods that other Indianapolis SEO Agencies do not have.

When people are looking at their business website, they may not realize that it is not ranking high in the search engines. However, what people need to realize is they can have some help with the search engine rankings by contacting us, the best Indianapolis SEO Expert and company. By contacting Page1ranks.com, you will get the rankings your good business deserves. Rankings that are going to stick around, instead of being bounced all over on the search engine results page, because your SEO plan is designed upon a solid foundation of SEO best practices.

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