Amazon Review Optimization

Here is another great product from the Copywriting Professor. Below is his sales letter that explains his product. 

Add The #1 Amazon Email Follow-Up Mastery Guide To Your Order To Get FREE 5 Star Amazon Reviews, Maximize Customer Satisfaction, Cross Promote Your Products…AND Save $500?
Do you want more 5 star product reviews…without having to pay or fork over free product? 


Do you want to tap into the customers who already bought from you and add value to their sale on the back end, so they can’t help but to leave you a 5 star review and come back for more?

Would you like to easily build a consistent, 24/7 stream of product reviews WITHOUT giving away any products or spending any money? 

Add my Amazon Email Follow-up Master Guide to your order today and I’ll literally take you by the hand and show you the exact methods and strategies that I use (which I discovered from a multi-millionaire client of mine) to convert around 25%, yes 1 in 4, of my customers to leave me a review! Click the box above to add it to your order for just a 1 time fee of $997 (usually $1500). 

Think about how many reviews you’d get for $997…with the cost of each unit you’d have to give away, plus the Amazon fees….instead build your own never-ending stream of product reviews that spits out new reviews every single day! It pays for itself and then some!

  • Run the same exact email follow-up campaign that I and my multi-millionaire clients do to maximize 5 star product reviews & seller feedback
  • Maximize reorders & cross-promotions…squeezing the most out of your back-end to deposit the most into your bank account possible (costs you nothing)
  • Everything is 100% Amazon TOS compliant so you don’t have to worry about potentially getting in trouble or your account being at risk of possibly being shut down (unlike what some of the idiot ‘gurus’ or services will tell you)
  • Generate the most FREE, verified 5-star product reviews and seller feedback automatically (makes your listings 100x better off than your competitors, boosts your rankings that much more)
  • Minimize complaints and refunds because you’ll keep your buyers so much happier (and will keep them coming back and referring friends to you, more free $$)
  • Multiply your customers because your customer service is so good they’ll spread the word to all of their family & friends plus social network
  • Do all this without ever lifting a finger because your new email follow-ups run on their own without you having to do a thing (it couldn’t be easier)

These email campaigns are really, really important to have fine-tuned and running at full power…They’re nothing like those fill-in-the-blank templates that you see floating around online. Those ones only convert about 5% of customers to leave a review. My email follow-up campaigns convert around 25%.


That means that for every 100 customers you have, you’d only be getting about 5 reviews if you did it yourself (or use one of those ‘point and shoot’ templates). With my campaign, you’d be getting more like 25 reviews. If you do the math, and you already know how valuable reviews are, this literally pays for itself over and over again.

Even better, you can use this on EVERY single product you have. Even if you don’t have many, yet, picture how powerful this will be with every product launch. We’re talking about thousands of free, verified, 5 star reviews.  

If you aren’t currently capturing the free, organic (and very powerful) reviews from your customers…at a rate of about 1 review for every 4 items ordered…you’re seriously missing out and this could cost you dearly. Being able to literally have a campaign running 24/7 on autopilot, without you lifting a finger or paying anybody to do anything, is going to be incredibly beneficial to you not just now, but in the long-run.

Best of all, you don’t have to lift a finger once they’re set up! Some of my clients who use this exact email follow-up series are saying things like:

“More than worth every penny”

“You were absolutely correct. It was more than worth the wait and every penny!! I am just amazed at how well my listing looks and the email sequence, WOW!! It’s converting very nicely. I have had several organic reviews so far and only 2 returns. Awesome!!”

-Kathy S., Amazon Seller

“Our refund rate is now the lowest it’s ever been”

“The response to our email sequence is fantastic! Much more customer interaction so reviews are up and returns/refunds are down. In fact, our refund rate is now the lowest it has ever been. I’m so glad I trusted you!”

Kyle M., Amazon Seller

“Worth the money I really love it!”

“Your work is pure genius, and its an excellent resource. Definitely written in a straight to your face way and worth the money i really love it! I actually like your concepts more than even the group (that I paid $5000 to be in).”

Aimee T., Amazon Seller

“The investment really makes sense! I highly recommend!”

“I was literally blown away by your persuasion skills. If you are serious about your Amazon Business, this investment really makes sense! I highly recommend!”

Thomas K., Amazon Seller

“You will get your money back 100x from the increased sales!”

“FANTASTIC! Again, I’m sure this will boost sales! I’m now a believer in [Dana’s] copywriting power. If you have something to sell, hire this man NOW! You will get your money back 100x from the increased sales!“

Mike B., #1 Best Selling Amazon Seller

“The best resource recommended by ASM”

“You are the best resource that was recommended to us in ASM. Thanks again for your help, it truly means a lot.”

Ragib G., Amazon Vendor, Shop Owner