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100% real feedback from CEO’s, CMO’s, Business Owners and others. Thanks to our outstanding clients for their testimonials and business. Read more testimonials over at LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/todd-ramse-78031050.

My correspondence will serve as an introduction for Mr. Todd Ramse, Page1Ranks.com. My initial contact with Mr. Ramse rose out of a need to redesign our web site. With his guidance, I quickly realized our web site was a great source of information, but did nothing to increase our sales.After Todd Ramse explained the process of search engine optimization and a viable strategy, our shortcomings were painfully evident. We retained Mr. Ramse several years ago and I am totally satisfied with the increased sales that I can directly attribute to his efforts.

If you are inexperienced in the world of internet marketing, Mr. Ramse will bring clarity and understanding as so many others were unable to do for me. Self-proclaimed, internet marketing gurus are a dime a dozen and generally their approach is one where what they do is so very complicated that one would never be able to grasp an understanding.

Todd has the uncanny ability to take a very complex world and make it simple, to put it into terms that normal beings can comprehend. His approach is very tactical i.e., what do you want to accomplish and how much do you want to allocate for that purpose? His strategy for accomplishing your objectives while anything but simple is incredibly intricate, multi-layered and most of all effective.

Mr. Ramse structured a program to suit our needs and budget. We have experienced a great return on our investment in him. His pleasant demeanor, no pressure approach coupled with an incredible Mid-western work ethic are also very rare and refreshing. He and his staff provide a wide range of services and his advice, insight and perspective provides benefits to our organization that go well beyond the realm of internet marketing.

Mr. Ramse hit the nail on the head, initially when he told me our site was very informational, but did nothing to drive sales. As an involved owner, I can truly say our sales are a direct result of Mr. Ramses’ talents. I am certainly thankful I found him, before my competition.

Best regards,

Michael J. G., Sr.

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Well, for 25 years my passion has been inspiring the greatness within high-achieving high school students. And I really believe with all my heart that if they’re properly motivated and if they see a big enough future and a path to that future, they are the people that can change the future of the world because they are so smart, because they are really people who know what, where they want to go and how they want make that change.
So the way we do that is we create these stadium events during the summer time, and there’s 7,000, 8,000, 9,000, 10,000 people there … both those super high-achieving students and their parents because it really does take a village … and then we put in front of those, uh, young people the greatest minds in the world, uh, in the areas that they’re interested in. And I really specialize in the medical field and in, and in the STEM field; science, technology, engineering, and math.

**What would you have to say to those others that are going through the decision process of engaging our social proof solution?

In summary this is a very, very unique, unique process. I haven’t seen anything like it, and I’ve been doing this a long time. The real issue that I’ve always believed is that you need 3 things to sell a product or a service. You’ve got to of course have something that someone wants to buy, they have to somehow be able to pay for it, and then third they’ve got to trust you. But we live in this very cynical age where trust is extremely hard to earn. So if you can make that jump to, to being trustworthy or being unquestionably trustworthy, you have an enormous advantage. Then of course we also know that the best kind of sales are referral sales, no question about it.

So what was amazing about this process that you’ve invented is that it’s really automated, and it allows you to take your customers, in my case and create a pool of individuals that not only assess what it is that you have sold them, and looking for both the good, the bad and room for improvement, but then automatically, and I mean literally automatically, also collects testimonials from those individuals and allows you to just put them onto your website. And I shouldn’t say “allow you,” it actually does it for you.
So think about it for a minute. In my world we do large-scale programs for high-achieving students. Well, the parent has to part not only with money but also has to part with their child, so that’s a really high hurdle. And for us to be able to use this process and get hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of parents who have been through our programs to say, “Yes, it was wonderful,” and in detail, question after question after question, and then in that same process to also leave us literally hundreds of testimonials without us having to invest our time and resources into actually getting those, is pretty darn spectacular in my view.

**Special thanks to Tim Templeton and Market Webcast for conducting the interview with Richard rossi and implemention of the system using the Social Proof Doctor SaaS solution.

Richard Rossi

CEO, National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists

Todd, Actually the other three all got back to me very quickly, because they liked your ideas. They suggested that we meet with you late in the second week of January, but I see from you that you will need to be further out. Anyway, please schedule us as soon as works for you, as we are ready to proceed. Thanks.

Jerry Grode

Business Broker, Murphy Business

Thank you so much for taking the time to let me pick your brain about increasing our web traffic and sales. Appreciate the generous advice and look forward to finding a way to work with you in the near future.

Sarah Shultz

GM-Sterling Global Products

We have been working with Todd Ramse and Dr. Jeanne Hurlbert, Page1ranks.com & SocialProofDoctor.com for many years. Their guidance and expertise has led to our growth in our online presence and digital dominance year after year. In this ever changing environment, they have kept our company informed of changes needed to help us maintain and improve upon our online marketing efforts and high search rankings. Through a recent social proof initiative they brought to us we secured 253 testimonials, with permission to use them; showed that 92% of our clients would recommend us and 92% were satisfied with our company. And, just before Open Enrollment, we were able to prove that over 96% of our clients were satisfied with the online enrollment process. All of this social proof is invaluable for our marketing and has helped us achieve record sales.

Thank you, Page1Ranks.com!


Greg Jasmer

Chief Marketing Officer, DAKOTACARE

Don Winckler is one of the largest Amazon sellers and was recently recognized as a top 1000 fastest growing Amazon seller generating millions in sales annually. I am fortunate enough to help manage Don’s paid traffic via amazon Sponsored Products and other traffic sources. December 2016 was a record month and I helped increase product revenue by 40x on some of his best selling products.A 40% increase in product revenue…in Don’s words,

SWEET! Thank you!

Don Winckler

Inc. 500 ListOur marketing efforts assisted an International Manufacturing Company making the coveted Inc. 500 list. Here is the message from the CEO. “Thanks Todd, could not have do it without you! Sure you can use it to generate whatever media you can. Unfortunately I will be going to Uzbekistan during the conference, they are fun, I went a couple of times with my last company.

Tom Mosey

CEO, MiniMelts Ice Cream-International Manufacturing Company

Bob Serling, legendary direct response marketer, information publisher and contributing author to Success Magazine. Bob recently asked my advice about a marketing solution in front of one of his coaching groups. Here is a paraphrase of what Bob said,

You have been in the business a long time. For those that don’t know you, Todd is extremely technical. Todd knows both the marketing and technical side.

Bob Serling


We helped make this company what they are today. A global leader in durable kennel sales. Check out any rankings for “tough kennels” and you will see the client we took to the top of the dog kennel industry. They now sell their kennel in Cabela’s and all over the world. We were the brains behind the online marketing strategy and launched the product online.

Way cool……….we have had great success with this product line by word of mouth and nailing a couple high profile accounts, now we have the Force of the Jedi Knights (Todd) on our side!! Thanks for the information,
it made me all warm inside, seriously…I love to develop and build new products and I think this one will be a long lasting staple for our company as time goes on! We’re install in g a new 78” x 112 ft.
processing table which will only improve efficiencies and better prepare our production for growth as we will now be able to build 100 ft. long xxx on a table top!

Thanks for everything Todd, have a great day!

Mike Jr.

General Manager

…If that’s something that you want to be able to do, serve your prospects and your clients in a far more powerful way, and of course get more profit as a result of doing that, then this is a tool that will help you achieve that.”

**This client implemented our social proof software, which helps convert prospects into paying customers and helps retain the customers you currently have.

Kevin Thompson

Founder, Maximum Response Inc.

Also, Todd, I just attended a conference on Customer Experience. The stat the presenter shared with us was 84% of people need to trust a company in order to purchase/do business with them and 80-90% of those customers will look to online reviews for that trust. WOW! This project will certainly help as we lead the way for all industries in “Social Proofing” and trust building. We are excited to be on the forefront of something big!

Terra Zahn

Sales & Marketing Strategist

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